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"Kazama is a place where you can impress your companion with great food in nightly romantic feel.
It is our goal to have every guest happy with our food, service and environment. We are eager to deliver to you the best dining experience and will continue striving hard everyday to make KAZAMA a place worth of your visit."


scene in kazawa

Each corners in KAZAMA has been customized to fit in any kind of occasions.
Whether you come in groups or just simply having a date night, we promise to make your experience unforgettable with fine food, aromatic wine, and great view.

Having a date?

Having a date?
Our terrace seats give couples a romantic yet private atmosphere for your special day.
With candles on the table and great music, a date can't get any better.
Feel free to contact us for arrangement of seat.


It is a chilled-out place to catch up with friends and families.
We provide private room for a friendly party from 8 up to 15 people.
The seat layout is arrangable.

Lunch out with colleagues or friends would also be a nice option to come to KAZAMA as well as we provide variable choices of lunch set with reasonable price.

Chilling out?

Chilling out?
KAZAMA is also a perfect place to chill after work.
We provide 4-seat and 6-seat table for groups.
Our variations of drink menu ensure your good time.



Fusion Menu in kazawa

Other than people, we believe that food is the soul of a restaurant.
We offer a well-selected Japanese menu, completed by Western touch with an affordable price.
A notable wine list representing some of the world's mayor vineyards and fashionable wines are also available.




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